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  3. Dirty dingy days of greatness imagined
    Artful heroes of wishes
    Words smeared in sad scrawls
    the transparency of vanity anarchy

    Silly slogans of imagined slight
    Smeary gray-green streaks
    of decrees drawn in spittle
    across the ass side of every wall

    the visceral craving to be great
    to be…

    So close with the one…

  4. Avoidance

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    Just a reminder. Please reblog.

    For those who forget or never knew.

    I am a feminist because I have a wife and daughter.

    (Source: merriam-webster.com)

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    #TB to a shoot with David Miller, Hair by Victoria Buge, Makeup by Claudia Aguilera. #David Miller #Glass Olive

    tres man ray